About GetSmokin'

GetSmokin' modernizes recreational cannabis use by making quality transparent. This is only possible with the help of the users. With the help of your reviews, ratings and additions we not only want to map every coffeeshop in the Netherlands, but also collect the menu and the quality of the menu of each coffeeshop.

How does GetSmokin' work?

GetSmokin' makes it possible to easily find a coffeeshop. Users can search for a specific name, location, city or use their current location. On the page of each coffeeshop it is then possible to review the coffeeshop. In addition to assessing the coffeeshop as a whole, the menu of the coffeeshop can also be individually assessed on a scale of 1 to 5.

To keep all information up-to-date, it is possible for users to make adjustments. On the page of a coffeeshop, visitors can, for example, change the address, the opening hours or the menu of the coffeeshop. In order to monitor the quality, all adjustments must first be manually approved before they appear on the website.

How do coffeeshops become featured?

In principle, all information on GetSmokin' is user-generated - including the featured / recommended coffeeshops. These coffeeshops are automatically chosen by an algorithm that uses the user reviews of coffeeshops and the quality and price of the coffeeshops menu to detect above-average coffeeshops. These coffeeshops become feautured.

Why do some coffee shops have more ratings than reviews / comments?

There are two reasons for this: first, the previous version of GetSmokin' offered the option of rating coffeeshops without having to post a comment. To keep the information as complete as possible, we have included these ratings (without a comment) in the current version. Secondly, we remove comments that violate our guidelines (if they are hateful, discriminate, etc.). The rating that the poster of such a comment has given is not removed in such a case.

How are accounts protected?

GetSmokin' keeps accounts simple - to create an account you only need to enter a unique username and password (no email address is needed). We do not send you spam and do not sell contactinformation.

User passwords are stored in the heavily secured database of nodum, which in turn is protected by Imperva Incapsula; one of the largest and best companies in the field of online security.

What does GetSmokin cost?

GetSmokin' is free for both users and coffeeshops. GetSmokin' does not show ads and does not trade in (soft) drugs.

Why does the website ask for my location?

If you clicked on 'use your current location', GetSmokin' needs your current location to be able to search for coffeeshops in the area. We do not store your location data and only use it once to perform a search.

Cookie information

We do use cookies to keep you logged in and cokoies from Google Analytics to keep track of visitor statistics. This data is completely anonymised. More information about Google Analytics can be found here.


For other questions you can contact us via our contact page.

Collaborating with GetSmokin'

GetSmokin' is open to collaborations with parties that represent the same interests; modernizing and improving (recreational) cannabis use in the Netherlands. The parties we are currently working with and the parties we support can be found here.

GetSmokin' is a service provided by Oxygen Digital.

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